2018 latest wedding wears dressed in beach

Have you ever had your day planned out just like you wanted and then something unexpected changes it? But for the better?
Last week, after Irma came through, we had no trees down, no damage, but we did have one huge mess on our 2 acres. We spent a whole day cleaning it up and knew it would take another full day. Fortunately my work schedule was open so we started the second day of storm cleanup. I got a text from my Boss saying she had scheduled me a client for that afternoo ... n. I asked if client could come in next day due to our work outside. She said no. It had to be that afternoon. So, we worked and worked in our yard until I had to stop and go take care of my client. Turns out, my client is an ER nurse who had gotten little sleep during Irma and after, and what sleep she did get was on an inflatable mattress at hospital. The roof had blown off part of the facility and she had to take charge and make sure all the patients were taken care of. So....needless to say, she was stressed out! Plus she had been called back in to work at another location. I listened to her experience and knew for a fact that this precious nurse needed a good massage way more than my yard needed to be cleaned up. 2018 latest wedding wears dressed in beach
I was determined to do my best for her and help her relax and rest. And sure enough, before long, she fell hard fast asleep and even began to snore...I felt my eyes filling up , feeling thankful I could offer safe healing touch to her. But, I also felt ashamed for thinking my day had been ruined by getting called in to work. And just think of this beautiful experience I would have missed if I'd gotten MY way. Hopefully, this will stay with me for a long time...

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