Dorris Wedding bridal gowns with bows

Looking at life: please no one take this post offensively I'm just reminiscing of my choices I have made in MY life.

I would want nothing more than to be a bridesmaid for a friend. Imagining getting all dolled up, throwing on a pretty dress, walking down the isle for a friend. The likelihood of this ever happening is slim. Mainly, because I have alienated myself from so many female friends. I have never been a bridesmaid nor have I ever been asked to be one and it really sucks tbh. Plus not to think about my own wedding one day. I have my sister, and my close friend from Florida, but I wish I had more friends like the people I follow on fb. Again fb is getting me down in the dumps. I know I need to stop getting down over other peoples lives, but it's hard to be positive about it all. It is my own fault. I just wish I could have been more mature when I was younger and had higher standards of being a good friend to the women I was close too. I am sorry all. Dorris Wedding bridal gowns with bows