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Many years ago, when I was in secondary school my classmates will tease and say I have the name of older people, like we’ll never get old ourselves. But today, I feel a little old. I felt a little old seven months ago when we had to drive over 5 hours with the whole family to Cambridge, Massachusetts to help get Drew settled into his new home for the next four years. He’s a freshman at Harvard university, taking after his father with massive love for computers. Dorris Wedding vintage retro ball gowns dresses
Well, I was all for flying but Sebastian said driving will give us more family bonding time.
This week was a very busy week, so busy I didn't have much time to myself. The twins just left for their prom an hour ago, it felt like yesterday when the doctor placed them in my arms and asked Sebastian to cut the cord and today, they’re all grown up and about done with high school.
Nelly looked so handsome in his black tuxedo and a half moon waist coat, a slim black tie and black Hugo Boss shoes. His prom date’s his girlfriend Katherine, I have met her a couple of times during school runs. She is half Hispanic and half Caucasian, she is a goddess and a sight to behold, long full curly hair right down to her waist.
Nelly has passed his driving test and Sebastian had agreed to borrow him his Porsche convertible for prom. I knew how much Seb loved his car and so when Nelly approached me and said, “Mum, I need your help, can you help me get dad to loan me his convertible for prom? Katie is so gorgeous she deserves something nice for prom.”

Then I said, “You know your dad won’t agree, he likes that car, it's his ‘baby’.”

He retorted saying, “Come on mum, you can make him change his mind, go on now, do what you do to him to change his mind.”

That was when I knew they were no kids.
I also knew he had liked Katie for so long but wouldn't admit it, he was so nervous he asked me if I thought she will want to go to prom with him. I encouraged him to ask her and when he did, she said she had turned down so many requests, waiting for him to ask and wondered what took him so long.

Anyway, I did what I had to and Nelly got the convertible but not without Drew getting angry he didn’t get the sports car for his prom; Drew was on Skype with Nelly the whole time.
Seb showed him how to use the car and off he went to Katie’s.
Back in the Kelsey’s room, I was done curling her hair. She wore her dress, the dress that took me weeks to make. She had insisted on her own specifications and so when we couldn't get exactly what she wanted, she said, ‘we’ could make it, she didn't say that by ‘we’ she meant I.
After hours of watching youtube, I made her a long black dress that pooled around her feet, with a slit on the left, right up to her mid thighs. The dress fit well and accentuated her hourglass figure, thin waist and massive hips that clearly shows her African heritage. The dress had patches of ankara on it. It was a masterpiece and Kelsey was the perfect belle, I was tempted to move into the fashion industry. The sleeves were long, few inches shy of her wrists.

Her prom date was Kenny, Jenny’s third son. He was after Jenny’s twins which means he was one year older than Drew making him three years older than Kelsey. Sebastian could hardly sleep. Since he noticed Kenny was fond of Kelsey long before now, he’d always kept and eye on him, occasionally asking him to keep his hands to himself when he rested it across her neck, embarrassing the poor boy.
He was studying at New York University and came home to take Kelsey to prom which I feel was kind of him.

When the doorbell rang, Seb answered and by the time I came downstairs to tell them Kelsey will be down in a bit, the poor boy had a terrified look on his face. I could only imagine what Sebastian told him.
When Kelsey finally made her way down the stairs, Kenny’s eyes almost popped from the sockets. He gave her the flowers he got her and helped her down the stairs, opening her car door like a perfect gentleman.
Seb and I watched from the window and he said, “Babe, don’t you think her dress is too tight? And why is his hand so low on her back?”
“It’s perfect,” was my reply.

And now, as I write this sitting on my bed, Seb just stepped out the shower, singing automatic love. This is a view I could watch forever, but for now, I’ve got only a few hours as Seb instructed Kenny to bring Kelsey home before midnight.

So much time has lapsed. Age has taken its toll but not without leaving us this many blessings. Seb’s jet black hair was already greying at the temples, with grey highlights all over. He is still a sight to behold for a man in his fifties. Ever so dashing and forever the classic man he is.
I am so thankful for family and friends. Jenny’s little girl is just a few months younger than Kelsey, Tasha and her cruise captain husband - Caleb - moved to Connecticut but last we heard of them, they are doing all right and have a teenage daughter as well.
With this, I can say I have lived, truly and happily still living. Thanks to a drunken 30th request and a wrong folder in Fertile ville.


Author’s note: Hey, hope you had a great week and are looking forward to a rewarding weekend? Anyway, this is the concluding part of the story. It’s sad to say goodbye to these characters but at least they had a happy ending. It’s time to say hello to the new ones.

Next story coming up: She got a call from the District of Washington army command, stating a matter of national security. What could she possibly have to do with the US army when she is just an emergency room trauma nurse? Come with me on this journey into the life of a strong African woman - Nurse Tilly, making her way to the top.