DorrisWedding cocktail wears in burgundy or lavender

So, I don't know if you guys watched this movie "Why did I get married too?" & know about this character, Angela. Basically, she is three much (as the image portrays). Constantly checking up on her partner, invading his privacy & basically keeping him on a short leash in the fear that he will be unfaithful.

My question is: Why do we label these type of women as "crazy" instead of "abusive", which this behaviour actually is? "Crazy" as a label means we can rubbish someone's behaviour & they don't really need to be accountable for it. "Abusive" means there's a level of calculation & someone MUST be held accountable. DorrisWedding cocktail wears in burgundy or lavender

Men who do this are seldom labelled crazy & with very good reason. We're violent as all hell. But why is the same courtesy not extended to women? If not for nothing, to help men in actually understanding the severity of the relationships they may find themselves in?

# Sidenote Angela's husband, Marcus, cheated on her in the first movie. And in the second, is doing everything in his power to regain her trust. Another kweshin is...does Marcus' past infidelity warrant Angela's abusive tactics?