Grecian style flowy wedding wear of chiffon

Really considering
Laying under my bed
Until 2018
Until then
The beginning of 2017 had me mad worried but black folks pulled through right when they needed to.
Notes: December releases don't count. Therefore there will be no Awaken My Love, N.E.R.D, or Ab Soul. Also no J. Cole. Because it was trash.

Honorable Mentions
The Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples
The Autobiography of Vic Mensa by Vic Mensa(Duh)
Steven Universe Soundtrack by Rebecca Sugar (Fire)
Paridiso by Chuwee
Rawthentic by Brizz Rawsteen
Talk Dirty by Loaded Lux
Luv Is Rage 2 by Lil Uzi Vert

10. The Restoration of an American Idol by Taylor Bennot- Tay has been deemed as just Chance's baby brother with the pretty smile. He showed that he is way more. He not only showed his songwriting prowess but he rapped so freaking well. It's a dope project with a lil something for everyone. It would of been higher but there is a Lil Yatchy feature so...

9. Freudian by Daniel Caesar- I ain't been in like a real committed relationship since 2015. But this album truly made me realize how much I need affection. This really is the definition of cuddle music. Like if we slow dancing to Get You then I got you. We married now. But honestly most of it is good old fashion sticky r&b filth and I love it.

8. 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time by Big K.R.I.T- Southern fried gangsta. This album really gave me such an appreciation for K.R.I.T. Like since Catilactia I knew he could rap. But just like everyone else on this list he stepped up all aspects of creating music. This is the most beautifully southern album I've heard in a few years. And honestly this is the closest we will ever get to a 3 Stacks album so cherish him I say.

7. At What Cost by GoldLink- First off the fact that this isn't nominated for best dance album is atrocious. This album has perfectly created several bops and evoked copious amounts of emotion. The flow and bars and heart that GoldLink projects is inescapable. I really love this album.

6. All Amerikkkan Bada$$ by Joey Bada$$- The most politically charged album on the list. But the dope thing about this is it really takes me through the entire stages of black grief. Hope of prospering. Anger at the system. Fear of dying from it. And sadness of knowing it might not happen any time soon. You should listen. Especially if you yt. You need the guilt

5. Damn by Kendrick Lamar- My initial reaction to this album was kinda harsh. I said alot of things about how this isn't Kdots best album. And I stand by those statements. HOWEVER! My nigga did snap at every single turn. He solidified his Goat status. He gave us dope track after dope track and at least 5 certified classics. But it ain't To Pimp A Butterfly though.

4. Heavn by Jamila Woods- Black women really been tryna teach us self love for a minute. And Jamila was back on it. She was really on a whole nother planet in songwriting. Like did y'all hear Breadcrumbs? She play too much. And she really showed out on that one.

3. Ctrl by SZA- Okay so y'all know everything I said about Jamila? Make it slap and a lil dirtier and we got a classic. SZA took her real life and sacrificed her pain just to give us bops. Her nigga cheated on her ON VALENTINE'S DAY MY GUY. That's the importance of art. How real and gritty it can be. It ain't always glamorous. And she showed that.

2. Blk Swn by Smino- Last year I said Smino would be rapper of the year. I also said Craig Lamar would be battle rapper of the year bit that is not important. Smino really gave us a masterpiece. With black joy, black sorrow, black sex, and black culture. I done talked about this album all year. If y'all don't get it you won't.

1. Flower Boy by Tyler the Creator- Alright lemme explain something to y'all. I've been down with OF since 2010. And there was never a point in time where Tyler was making the smartest decisions music wise. Like he sacrificed his music for shock value. He did it to gain a following. I saw the king in him. And now he's doing what he wants with no pressure. Making classics. Flower Boy hit home for black kids who die their hair blue. And it banged. And he spit some of his cleanest verses. Now he is a household name. He is in his Ziploc nigga Grecian style flowy wedding wear of chiffon