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Kynareth's Trauma Team

Chapter 1: A new Doctor, or prisoner

On a cold rainy night, lightning roared in the dim sky. Trees, bushes and flowers got hit by droplets of heavy rain as they were disturbed by th e strong winds. Squirrels, foxes and birds rushed to the trees for shelter but they were rebuked. The endless droplets of rain hit the ground loud enough for everyone to hear. The livestock on the farms couldn't take the pressure of the hard, yet vengeful rain. The horses ran into the big brown wooden barns along with the chickens and soon, the cows followed in a hurry and slammed the door shut, leaving a dog behind, who was so desperate for shelter.

The grounds were damp and the more peasants walked, the deeper thier feet sunk into the mud. They didn't like it. In fact they hated living outside on the farms. Thier huts were soaking wet with rain pouring down the hay ceiling. A man swore at his wife, whilst a woman, possibly a priestess of Dibella, was busy seducing men. That actually makes Sanguine's life easier.

Down at the bottom to where The Empire Coast Company stall is, Vittoria Vicci sat on her chair, arguing to a Imperial Guard about a Doctor. "Oh what do you want with a poor milk drinker? He was responsible for unleashing Sanguinare Vampiris on his fellow teachers and students. He's a vampire too. You cannot call him a Doctor. Bloodsucking mother of Malacath." She sneezed and all her snot hit the East empire coast company ship, and some of it landed on the mighty white sails. The ship floated still, showing no emotion as the guards patrolled the ship.

"You make no sense, your eminence. He is a vampire, but he's got no memories. I'd suggest to take 55 Years off his sentence, to give him a chance, well execute him after." The strict, muscular guard said and took his silver Imperial captain helmet off his head. He soothed his hazel hair with his hand, as it was only a bob cut.

Vittoria sighed as she pulled out a little mirror and looked at her middle aged wrinkly face. She wore a brown bear hide over her shoulders with a green dresses that had a gold embroidered wavey line pattern that went down and she had similar patterns on both sleeves. The bottom of her dress was ridiculed with dirt and was not posh like rich. She put the mirror away. "Well he lived with a group of bandits. Seems he was the only vampire in the group. A doctor eh? He wouldn't kill people. You'd have to be sick in the head." She spat over shoulder towards an empty, green wine bottle.

A majestic ship had just arrived and parked near the East Empire Coast ship. The beautiful ship brimmed with confidence, beauty and bounty. The beautiful white sails fluttered with excitement. It was as if alive and ready to speak. The platform extended and an auxiliary walked down holding a chain. The man behind him was I, a prisoner, who was accused of unleashing a powerful vampiric disease.

I wore a white doctors jacket, with a white shirt, black trousers and black leather boots. Around my neck was a necklace and a Caduceus symbol pendant dangle from the chain. My skin pale as snow, as my eyes glowed red. Wind rushed through my hair, making it it dance with its flow. I stared at Vittoria Vicci with no emotion.

General Tullius arrived in the nick of time and leaned close to me with a clipboard and a document. He stared into my eyes and then peered at the papers. He wore a brown leather general's armour with the gold dragon symbol and the gold decoration. His arms and knees were bare as the cold wind didn't bother him. "So, this is the prisoner? His name is Isa Maxwell. His occupation is practing medicine and he's a doctor. How ironic!" He glared at me in disgust with rage in his gut "A vampire like you shouldn't have the right to be called a doctor. A doctor would not kill. You went crazy and killed your colleagues and what is unforgiving is that, you also killed the wife and child of an imperial legionnaire. Tell me, why did you spread Sanguinare Vampiris?" He gripped my shirt tightly as if he overwhelmed me and provoked apparels dressed in formal occasion for maternity ladies

I looked at the General and looked down because I couldn't bear the guilt and anguish. "I didn't kill anyone. All I remember was being hit by an orc in iron." I shivered. It was cold for me to stay outside talking nonsense to a bunch of fools who share no empathy. All they care about justice, but does the Legion use it correctly?

A wolf howled in the distance signalling it's pack to find shelter whilst Hircine protected the beasts. A dragon roared as it appeared, flying over Solitude, looking for something interesting, but to it's disappointment, it couldn't find it's source of entertainment. Sucks to be a dragon. A lady came running with gash of wounds on her chest, and 3 deep large ones on her arm. A peice of metal was stuck in her knee, I couldn't see it properly since it was embedded in deep. "Help. Please help me."

General Tullius turned and looked at the lady and tried to comfort her "calm down, tell me what happened" he looked at the guards and nodded signalling them to get ready.

"I was attacked by a group of Bandits. They've took all my possession. I was walking up this way and was ambushed. They said if I don't hand my belongings over they'll kill me. I refused, got attacked and ran here. But they're down the road camping." She said and then she passed out from exhaustion and what was even worse were the wounds.

The muscular captian put his helmet on and walked into the city so he could go get his men. General Tullius turned to me and used the key to remove the shackles. "Kid, your a doctor, take her to the winking skeever and operate on her. Save her and I'll wipe your criminal record. In recognition of saving her life, I'll give you a free transport to Whiterun. So how about it?" He smiled and held his hand to me.

I shook his hand immediately and nodded "Consider it done, General. Oh one more thing, please command a guard to bring my surgical instruments." I lifted the lady onto my arms and walked away from the port, and I thought about my future as I got to the city gates "I promise to eradicate all diseases." I entered the city gates and entered the city.

The city was calm with an array of candles lit. Bugs and other insects made noises and played in the serene atmosphere. A drunk man can be seen at in front of the door to Winking Skeever, dancing like a drunkard with a silver cast iron tankard in his hand. I walked past him and entered the inn.

Everyone we're going about thier businesses. Talking, eating, drinking. A lady in hide armour with white hair played her lute. I looked at a snow berry pot next to me and grabbed a handleful. Everyone stopped what they we're doing and looked at me. "Vampire" one of them said.

"Please, I need a bed. A patient is hurt and is in need of surgery". I quickly looked around and walked past some bald headed skinny twins who just wore rags. I walked over to the counter and pleaded the in keeper "I need a room please" I asked and looked at the lady I held. The in keep laughed "why should I lend a room to the vampire" he asked and covered his face. "I don't have any gold, but it's by General Tullius' orders." I replied.

The inn keep felt defeated at my statement and uncovered his face and nodded to a vacant room to his left. "Thank you" I said i quickly ran to the room and placed the injured lady on the bed. I quickly took out a green serum and injected it into her so I could slow her vitals. "Don't die, please." I closed my eyes and a vision came into any head. When I woke up, there was a mountain of corpses. The people's eyes were blood shot red, anguish faces, an blood also seeped out of their mouths and eyes. On their skin, black bruises were present.

I opened my eyes and vowed to stop this diesese. Suddenly, a heavy man with a black beard and a greatsword on his back ran into the room to give me my surgical instruments. "My name's Captain Aldis, I'll have to keep an eye on you" he said and he closed the door.

I looked at the body whilst putting my light rubber gloves on. The gashes on the chest need to be treated first. So I looked into my bag for sutures. After I found the sutures, I also grabbed my scissors. Using my scissors, I cut the piece of clothing to reveal the chest. "Those horrible wounds
Who could've done this?" I grabbed a clean towel and wiped the blood and sutured the wounds. I moved to the arm and sutured them. "Damnit, I sense she's going into cardiac arrest. I'm charging my hands" I charged my hands with lightning, placed them on her chest and 3, 2, 1, clear. And the lighting surged through her body and I felt an immediate pulse. "We've got a pulse. Now moving on to the leg." I said as I took a jar of anti bacterial gel and I disinfected the knee and took my scalpel. "Opening the wound up" I said as I made the incision. "Ugh it's not deep enough" I made another, but deep incision and revealed the peice of metal. It was an arrow head. "Arrowed to the knee?" I said removing the arrow head sutured and bandaged the incision. "Let this illness disappear into oblivion" I said as I got up.

Aldis walked over and smiled and let out a hand for a shake "That was a good operation. As promised, you've earned your freedom. But why stop there? You've proved your usefulness to us and don't crave blood. Your different than other vampires. He wants to see you and extend an invitation-" Aldis stopped and looked back at General Tullius and Leggate Rikke who walked into the room.

"Is she going to be ok?" General Tullius asked as he looked at me. I got up and took my gloves off and disposed them by burning them with fire created by hand. "Yes, she's going to be good as new, sir." I looked down at my hands. I could not smile, not for the praise I've just received. No, I'm emotionless.

"Aldis, report this to the Emperor. Let him know, this kid, err I mean Isa, should be awarded." He turned to me as Aldis left the room. "I want to officially extended an invitation to you. Would you like to join the Imperial Legion and assist wounded soldiers on the battlefield? We could use someone like you."

"I'll do anything to help people. My duty as a doctor commands it" I said and looked up at Tullius. "I'm ready to join sir" I said and closed my eyes.

"Then repeat after me, Upon my honour, I do swear undying loyalty to Emperor Titus mead the second" he said and took a breath and waited for me to repeat. "Upon my honour, I do swear undying loyalty to Emperor Titus Mead II." I repeated. "And unwavering obiediance to the officers of his great Empire" he said and I repeated "And unwavering obiediance to the officers of his great Empire."

Legatte Rikke smiled as she watched us and shook her head "Should've tested him instead of operating." She yawned after. Tullius continued "May those above judge me, and those below take me, if I fail in my duty" he said and I replied "May those above judge me, and those below take me, if I fail in my duty" I opened my eyes and looked up at Rikke. "Long live the Emperor, Long live the Empire." He said "Long live the Emperor, Long live the Empire." I said.

Tullius smiled " Once you're in the Legion, you're in it for life, kid. Tomorrow, your going to Whiterun and you'll assist Danica, I'll send out a courier to deliver the letter. "Remember, if you save a Stormcloak, then you'll deal with the consequences. We are very strict in our values. Understood?" He asked. It was a venomous question, but I decided to agree. But I think otherwise "Yes sir. I understand" I said and looked down afterwards. "All I've done is run from the past. From the people I hurt. From the lives I mistakenly taken. But not more, as a doctor I'll fulfill my duty to the end" I said and walked with Tullius over to Castle Dour to rest and for my journey to Whiterun.