beige or ivory color wears to a prom

Structural stability. Foundational integrity. I think my campaign # STRONGIsTheNewFIT may get misunderstood as me saying if you can't lift heavy weights, you're not in good shape. Allow me to clarify. When I say strength, in relation to being fit, I'm refering to how your body works as a unit. Thats why I judge strength/fitness based on compound and dynamic movements like deadlifts and ass to grass front squats. Motions like these will show me where you are "weak" or have musc ... ular imbalances. If you're messed up, you might still be strong in lifts that are comfortable for you but the movements that involve using more and more of the central nervouse system and multiple muscle groups, in unison, will always hurt to perform once they get heavy. This is your weak points telling you "hey, you use me when you do this too and I can't keep up with the rest of the muscles involved." A lot of people will tell you stuff like "Don't touch your chest when you bench or press from behind the neck, its bad for your shoulders" or "squatting ass to grass is bad for your hips" and, my personal favorite "deadlifts will destroy your back" and none of it is true. If your lower back hurts from deadlifting, its cause your mid-back(lats and T-spine) or your ass are too weak to not break form and yout spine has to pick up the slack. If your hips or knees hurt from ass to grass squats, its cause your inner hips are tight and your ass is weak so your ankle position puts the pressure on the muscles with the power to move it. If your shoulders hurt from benching with a full range of motion hurts your shoulders, its cause your rear delts and midback aren't strong and your chest is too tight so all that pressure goes to the front of your delt, same for behind the head press. These motions are feared by athletez because your body doesn't have an even distribution of strength from an imbalanced workout plan creating weakness in areas you ignore. THIS is why I say being fit, is being strong, because a fit body doednt have discomfort from these exercises cause they mimic the same movement patterns you do every day. Don't run from those uncomfortable moves. Figure out why they're uncomfortable and FIX YOUR BODY ... happy sunday, yall. beige or ivory color wears to a prom

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