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Stay with me may get long. My neighbor across the road is a supreme rude jerk people squealing wheels at 2-3 am every night cars that couldn't possibly have any exhaust or a dumpster for one. Counted one morning out the window 17 cars between 2-6am boy is he popular yeah right. Turned his bum ass electricity off and water and as soon as they'd leave his thieving ass turn it back on so the circus could continue. I had been woken up 37 days straight middle of the night with his bullshit. In addition he puts whatever he's got going on in the basement in a fire that explodes about every 30 min for 4-5 hrs twice a week atleast. Got a cone in the driveway where a huge hole has been made from the sheer volume of cars in and out of that place all night long. A month or so ago they come and catch him with it cut back on both water and electric and cut him off at the pole. I think finally it will quiet down nope wrong mr popularity has 10 cars In The driveway at 3am and it 13 degrees out here in southwest VA. Don't drink no water off Baugh lane the sludge out of his workshop/basement is run off from some sort of "science project t" I'm sure. So this ass decides me and my neighbor are the reason he can't steal power and decide she's (girlfriend thought it was his daughter ) going to call in fake noise complaints last Friday 3am, Saturday 1130pm and tonight 11pm. I'm the first to say I've plotted on getting a potatoe gun and launching a war on the house, getting dry ice act like its a pepper bomb from the Feds and a megaphone that has 5 voice act like I'm raiding his shit to clear them fouls out and I never miss a beat to tell him how rude he is. Sunday a women went over there and went the hell off beating on doors cussing his "12yr old girlfriend" out (looks like it I thought the same ol Chester is a molester what a coincidence she said the same). She also said for his customers that "all he needs is a badge" looks like y'all are going to Club Indictment all hours of the night turns out. I'm at the end here I don't cAre if the police roll up every second of the day I have an officer in my family who I respect his job and how fair he is but what on earth would make anyone think it's legitimate when the entire complex is black cause we are asleep unlike the club that's always jumpin across the street . I asked how many more times are y'all the police and him gonna wake me up out of a dead sleep over unnecessary crap. Now I can't be sure it's him but I really wanted to out him but the sister in law of my neighbor or my former roommate are probable suspects but I'm a betting person and my money is on that ass and his well 12yr old girlfriend. I've got to say and have always took responsibility for things I've done and believe others should too so I'm no snitch as they say but he is clearly watching my every move and I'm not scared I'm ready. Dumb bastard went so far as to get my email from Facebook and have a friend send well I'm going to post it damn it shut this down now. Keep on Ftjk you gonna get what you are asking for and its more trouble than it's worth. I'm trying to get my health back need my rest and your are disrespecting my life and that's cause for corrective action no matter what has to be done. He must not know a dispatchers calls are recorded and saying you are anonymous don't mean nothing if when giving directions u say across the street then give the address. Here is your warning to stop harassing me cause I'm smart and slick and I know your dirt idiot bout to get burnt playing with this fire. Your friend "Alan" you put up to emailing me posing as a concerned old friend then said what was said posted below cause you sell your 12 yr olds body to fund your corner pharmacy is sick and now for all to see he gets blasted. I'm just going to post pics of your fuckery on the Abingdon PD FB page till u are gone case water and lights didn't even phase your nasty stinking ass . See email , if you are one of his partners go ahead post up on here let us know how you feel so APD can have a name to go with the face. Do what you do respectfully if you must do it, been there won't do that again but you ain't learn you will now. So tell us Alvie Yates what's ice cream stupid people get what u get when u do what you do. Me fighting for my life and he says that disgusting trash point blank period. Random eh... That's why I know it's you Ftjk stop making me out to be your girl Frfr she's got that market cornered and I'm done! This big cow gonna mooo boys watch your toes they can get stepped on! For the love of God quit acting like you are in some kind of gang or bother hood in Abingdon va population 15000 it's ridiculous, unbelievable and sad. Those organizations don't seem sloppy like this bunch as seen on TV just saying! I'm lit y'all and ready to solider up. Ready, willing and able for anything you could imagine. War and peace. black girl prom dresses