bohemian formal dresses

My friend Brenda Parsley just got the red caftan that she had me enter her in the drawing for from and she just couldn't wit to ring me. A few people on here know Brenda from the old I did my garden forum for and know how picky she can be when it come to quality. This being a free thing she wouldn't have griped, but when she got it she was absolutely THRILLED! When Brenda was younger (before pain and health made it too difficult) she would custom design and create everything from everyday casual wear to formals and wedding dresses. Brenda says the quality of workmanship and fabric is on par with what she would make for herself if she were still able. she says to tell everyone that they even make nice healthy seam allowances so if for any reason you need to let a garment out, there is enough to let it out a couple of inches with no harm at all. She really couldn't say enough nice things. If anyone needs something lovely, flowing and feminine, please go and check them out! you can special request a small, but they normally run medium to 5 x. Measurements of the garment itself are In the description of the time, you just have to scroll down. They are made in Bali and the designs look like something you wouldn't be surprised to see a woman wearing in any lovely eastern market place. Please, go and check them out for yourselves! bohemian formal dresses

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