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*Desire to sex is natural.

*Even enouchs or men that are incapacitated, infertile or incarcerated are not free from sexual desires too as long as hormones run in their vein.

*What is actually responsible for arousement or a desire to sex are the hormones called testosterone and progesterone.

*The hormones work in connection with the eyes, ear, skin, brain and blood.

*One does not need to think an evil thought or lust towards any before she/he can be aroused.

*Sometimes hormones are secreted in excess due to physical or psychological changes in the body as in menstruation, puberty or body growth.

*This secretion then sometimes activate body genitals for sexual desire.

*However, unholy use of eyes, ears, hands, feet, mouth can unnaturally and sinfully activate those hormones.

*If you realise your body arouses naturally, please fret not as this is not sinful.

*If you notice it is un-natural, you may need to visit a specialist doctor. As too much arousal could be tamed by drugs that can reduce too much hormonal secretions in your body. bohemian style wedding collections on sale

*If your husband or wife complains about your inaction during coitus. Low, inadequate or inbalanced hormonal secretion might have caused it too. So seek medical counsel too.

*This very thing is what the devil had used to scatter many marriages. Just because they do not think its simple medical solution they need.

*Though other excuses by the man or woman could be tenable. But they are always found out to be dissilusional.

*Always channel your arousal towards legitimacy, i.e your spouse, physical exercise, reading, singing, praying. By this demons won't have to feast on your blood.

*Avoid fornication or lust at all cost. And wait till you are legally married before practising coitus.

*Illegal sex outside marriage wastes your virtues and sucks your blood. Singles must avoid this.

*Recieve now the grace to channel your arousals aright in purity. Amen.
(Copied & adapted).