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In what appears to be fobia of meeting President Lungu in the 2021 ballot. United party for national development (UPND) has now started issuing prejudicial statements accusing President Lungu of paying Constitutional court (Concourt) judges a bribe so that the ruling can be in favour of him in a matter which is in court regarding to whether he qualifies to stand as a Presidential candidate in 2021 or not.

A well known online UPND blog 'Zambia watchdog ' has vehemently accused the CONCOURT of being biased towards President Lungu in the judgement passed during the 2016 election petition which declared President Lungu duly elected president of Zambia after 14 days passed without the complainants providing credible evidence.

It is within the knowledge of every Zambian that the judiciary has operated in a free and independent manner in the last 4 to 6 years.
This is the only period Zambia has witnessed citizens winning court cases against the government, we have seen opposition political parties and opponents going free on Nole proseque basis and this is the only period we have seen independent law firm criticise the president to stop interfering with matters of the judiciary yet HH has continuously issued unpalatable statements against the judges in incidents when the judgement isn't in his favour.

Close sources from UPND have disclosed that, Hakainde Hichilema's lawyers have tipped HH that President Lungu qualifies to stand as a Presidential candidate in 2021 elections. This news has not been well received by Mr. Hichilema who has now embarked on buying airtime on any media house to accuse President Lungu of bribing the judges. Hichilema who has been losing elections since 2006. He was beaten twice by Edgar Chagwa Lungu who joined the presidential race 7 years later than him.

Details of the matter are that Hakainde Hichilema knows very well that if President Lungu stands in 2021, he is destined to another embarrassing defeat owing to the fact that Lungu has proved unchallengeable in the booth. This is the the reason why Mr Hichilema has continuously wanted to win presidential victory by intimidating judges in courts of law in what he terms 'pursuit of election petition.' In an attempt to cover his scheme of bribing the judges HH has rushed to the media accusing fellow political players. boho items to wear for a formal occasion