bridesmaid wears look glittered and shiny

I have been getting a lot of You messaging me about buying your health and fitness products . I am stocked up for shakes , vitamins , detox , and such . My detox consists of a tea and apple vinegar with cinnamon , cayenne pepper , lemon , and honey . I also am doing a water that has ginger , cucumber , mint leaves , and lemon in it . So all natural.
Also ,due to my heart condition I CANNOT take any energy shot , energy pill , etc as it will speed up my heart and put me in Af ... ib. It really will as witnessed by friends of mine who have been around me when I have taken those energy shots and such . Thank you everybody that wants to help with the products you sell , but I am stocked up and will keep all of you in mind when I need more shakes . I'm also really trying to do this weight loss naturally as I want it to be my lifestyle . I don't want to fail so doing everything as natural as I can . bridesmaid wears look glittered and shiny

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