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ection has persisted in Communities.
1 Scientists have failed to discover a vaccine against it.
2Neglecting use of protective gears consistently
3 Povery in most countries wc hs made women to engage in sex business hence infection or reinfection4
Unemployment for youths leading to loss of hope hence unprotected sex.
5 Insecurity in most countries leading to women being raped and gals defiled by infected ones
6 Sexual abuses by infected pple on young children
7 Ignoring testingfor the virus be4 marriage and conception.
8 Stigmatization leads to reinfection as those infected fear public to openly declare so.
9 ponography ie indesent dressing wc attract pple to infected ones
10 Bad traditions or cultures ie circumcissions or inheriting wives of those who died of AIDS
11 Accidents due to careless driving and negligence of traffic police where bloods mix at the scenes of accidents hence infection casual informal wedding wears dressed in summer
12 Poor mindsets
13 Poor behavior change
14 Rights to gals and women due to democracy.Pple doing what they want
15 Over enjoyment where pple over drink sleep in night shows drunk
etc.Prince Musanje Ahmed.Unless those are addressed the war against HIV/ AIDS will be futile.