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Sunday Jawstown, and the story continues, The Holy Land,,,,

And the boy says is not about money, money it self do no good, without proper justification of having it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Then kids were all grewing up cute and happy living in the holy land, each comparing their features with another, some came from far far lands, some were cross breeded from keturunan, not altogether the original Nomad though,, some were still very much African and were as cute,,, riding before their parents on the Electrical Pony,,, another indegenuine of the infinite Futuristic, then it has demonstated few items,, includes the Terminator Age practical vectoring helicopters,, and other best sellors, MR Bean took over the management,,,

And in BM lives remains very much the same,, but even promising onto the garden of nurture transformation,, once it were scary and unimaginably,, the nation is always in deeper and deeper debts,, leaning rely on those whom lean back to the jepatans,,, buildings and bridge were contructed for one time deal,,,, then being sold the project and being sold again, pirates seizes them all no matter what,, then what could the pirates done any better, should they wanting to conduct business on the premises, the renovations, products and even customers were to be introduces by other Empire, dominon and its monopoly, soon liken in Afganistan, they would loose every reason to protect themselves and the nations future were often seemingly dooms,,, When each while plans to covet their overseas principles due to the extreme of devastation were learnt,, invasion follows,,

Comparatively, jawstown were such nice,, the resolution of Allah SWT were often better and the best comparatively, but somehow their hearts would not allow,,,, not knowing why,, the boy says due prolonged Kolompor style Chu Rong habituals,,, such derangements all were en-routed piece a part from elsewhere,,

In jawstown, they simultanouesly made changes, prayers, lives and work all on Ala Islam,,, not all were pious though, not even the mukmins were entirely faithfuls these days,,, due prolonged habituals to such habits of setanism and its derangements, and effectiveless proceeds,, means if one can safe, he has been saving to him or her selves mostly,, there is no infrastructurals, should crisis deepens, for instances, if they would like to renovate or taking products, goods or tools, others had tried before,,, from China, the deal were often better. then soon they would finds hard to the black market demanding in return,, many less pious would have to follows sacrificed and the up keeping seemingly un promising,,,

So many moslems and even Christians then follows the Chu Rong to parties day and night, break and breakfasting on bikinis and martinis on the beaches,,, and their face all wrathed, so kids can see is not the right way either,,, sweet but no thanks, once uncle relates,,, then the becomes of Chu Rong has to play a part and a role each,, in the mid or longer term, the situation may be sold for each in release of time,, for time is concern, they knew that nothing, absolutely nothing effectively and promisingly has been done,,, and life goes on so as the parties in the cities and long beaches,,, similar in other jahiliahs nationals all,,,

The boy says to suppliment the free will integrational internationaly is very important, and Allah has prefers the leader whom were truely moslem to heed, not those whom take a piece of a role,,, for contraining, and not of their kifayahs anyhow,,, and while some mukmins were true religious kifayahs kaliph, neither could they have integrated successfully without such mentioned integrational internationaly, jawstown,,, they cannot, so each has to take a piece and role as see to others all were often doing to the same without much choices,,,

And jawstown were all seriously true, they never just merely creating jobs and opportunities over nothing any importance to Islam,, so did not accidentaly cultivate hipocritsm and Allah well knew,,, for Allah is all knower,, cannot simply copy the west or the Chu Rongs complications in running their temporary respitive while decoratives governments in the pretentious and always,,,as if super power sort,,, but lives to Ala Islam and thy shall not fear nor worry the least, comparatively in all aspect, it would have been most advance amongst all other pretentiously and raised,,,

Untie says is true,, even education qualifications and its sylibus were just fanciness of compilations from time to time seemingly best to its certifications,, without effecting the value cautious its faith and grounds, the boy sees a newer fashion ahead of time, some many private educational services providers seems possible, if its best for the childs generations,,, adequating and worth while following to the courses,,, not becomeing a jewish or jepatans,, living then on strategicals or sekutu nor suhabat, in the past empire runs educationals all buy to the time, the 3rd parties make ways in return deals and demanding the principles proves not such profitably after all, when rezeki following narrowed, what is there to gain than falls onto the galoes of deeper indebts,, they becomes self believes and ruthlessly transformed,,,, for loosing the core value of fiath and grounds matters,, with little fanciness dressings in knowledge and liken a small appreciation sijil and kurma follows their graduations, some many would have think they were smarter and becomes even demanding and in the unite, they formed a casted in some many communitiy, anything against the will of Allah SWT,,, can be evil and anything which comes from evil, shall return in vain, the indians added,,

Jawstown then is more promising, the jewish sees no problem if they can still runs trade in the black markets and in jawstown the same while,,, jawstown is more harvesting,, for there is proper, well secured and stable, good ideas would often follows,, interesting,,, not in the whole world sacturated of black market, its syndicated, copy cats and its politics,,, due temporary respitive while, they all dresses up like real, those devils all were ruthless and can instantly betrays in any given sunday,, so inspire none to develop proper, but each skilled to misled of others,,, that habituals would led tipu, menipu, tertipu dan akhirnya di tipu sesama sekali,,, tak guna,,,

In jawstown, it were so nice, how wonder God would allow us,, and they were at least worry,, do not return evil to evil, the boy says concentrate on the childs generation, if they had done better, then any of the jewish that repented a step a time following the proceed and advancement can boleh dikira berbakti,, like Bapa Saudara Rasolallah,, a little worthy assistance hand each while,,, see it is slightly better while,,, in black market we cannot do like that, untie follows that different set of treatments applys,,, for they all equaly chooses to defys,,,

And they average the trade and its income, also renting on 3, 7 and ten points or otherwises basis,, and granted the childs provisions, though little on the floating rate, and devastations eases further, when at the garden of masjideen, let says 10 thousand lives apart each in it, and came 10 thousand others now and then asking for vege, rice if its in stock,, spices, some ask for fish feed from large large ponds, chickens and they were all happy,, working to extra in expense Allah SWT cause, the management has little to worry,, like when the boy lives from the mosque, he did some work on self willingly, cultivating good ethicals of it in the selflessly demanding less independantly, merdeka,,, not of a droids leaning towards an empire and its raised,,,

Poverty still at largely,, then each soon becomes ability to expense rightly forward Allah SWT cause,,, then came the terminator age,,for the black market were often and always more favorable,, even comes the up to 9 percent goods raised of theme inspirational jawstown comes alive promised to the black markets, so the enrivals empowers printed notes, should the poor in exchange any raw materials or handy crafts, or produce that can be sold and exchange through jawstown international integrational comes success,, some many would sees the seizes empowerments,, their womens were nicely pretentiously and attractively dresses in nice fancy cosmetics, cars and sometimes helicopters. its every black market strategicals,,, if any were to seizes advantage on it, that it would soon lean entirely rely of it,,, whatever comes of evils applys,, and so many pious they would just decently work and spent purchase with jawstown,,,, and continuely appropriate,, islam highly recomended,, for Allah is al sufficient from any defections suggesting,,, such quality in the garden of here after, unless thy be liken these child,, bani kechil yang tidak membesar a time ago,, Jesus AW once relates,,,

And they all becomes like circus,,,just badly up bringings and treated,, some turns onto a vampire and are envy and vengeancesome becomes, they would torture the small kids, and those yet matures very much,, for they had blames the circus becomes of them,, Jesus AW once preaches, do not return evil with evil, enrooting evils,,, that they can still repent and improves while,,,, jawstown were all whole and completed, if we had any true faith, Allah assures the faithfuls all not to worry nor fear,, but accept the changes open heartedly, its the resolution of Allah SWT for the pious all, whom comes to have accepted islam openly,,, the mind set is as if they were approching the garden of eternity from the titan and were granted to return, for each were yet permanently habituals matuarity with their faith and grounds rightly,, jawstown were supposes all justify from as many aspect in plain simplicity, humbly and is all proper meant,, ,means no living orientating base on strategicaly,, is cheating somehow, any habituals and its attempt to manipulate is consider modification of faith and its proceed meant,,, it would adjust the lives of others, islam meant for humanity at larger picture best, instead suruh kpd kebaikan dan banyak berbuat sedekah di jalan Allah SWT,, then the prophercy channel shall follows, so as security in good in corrupted conduct after verse 200, the holy land it self is liken a picture of example its appropriate examples, should it be compare the lives before the back yard of any black market, its syndicated, politics and its pretentious governing super power all,,, chic graduation ceremony collections

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