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It is four twenty am and I awake from a dream that I don't really remember and nature deems to keep me here in the conscious world to contemplate the chill in the air and the stars peeking in at me through my tiny skylight. For a while the cold air keeps me from wanting to venture out to the nearby shower/restroom house, but then nature is insistent that real sleep will not return if I don't make the trip so I don my fuzzy boots on the designated feet and wrap my soft robe around myself and step out into a beautiful star filled night. coral mother of the bride dresses

The moon is gorgeously lighting my way and tonight is blessedly free of our resident possum that terrorizes my food and trash can on a regular basis. I must say that the temperature of a cold toilet seat on a night looked this is dreaded long before I leave the bed.

The joy of my return to comfort and warmth is worth all that I have endured to climb back into the mountain of pillows and blankets that make up the tiny nest inside my little purple bubble. Ahhh.

Not sure Adrian likes the icicles I call feet at this point, but he happily warms them without complaint. Mmmm. I feel like I have been to the North Pole and returned to tell the tale.