extra sized items with sleeves to wear for the wedding

Im gonna start by saying we are not usually ones to ask for help or expect a hand out were used to working hard daily just like most of you at your church and dont like to ask or beg but our family needs help to get back on our feet after all the horrible things we went threw there was so much more he did to us thats not in this story and it doesn't hurt to ask and if you cant help us perhaps your church can pray for us just for us to know people care would help This story starts in lacey at quality inn My husband began working for Ashoo Orhi for over a year and a half they had a deal he would get a cheap rate for a room in exchange for onsite employment and to help when needed he was constantly called fat Lazy and useless yet he knew his job better than anyone else there including the owner was overworked and only given one day off a week if he was lucky They would do things to try to break his spirit Like throw him in laundry no experience in the middle of summer with no windows for ventilation When that didnt break him they move him back to the desk but made him work constantly sometimes doubles or even triples No overtime pay and they didn't document all of his hours for his Taxes He would be paid late constantly and have to beg for his extra money that he earned I moved in with my husband January 1st of 2017 A week later without being asked or even compensated asked to move a 100 miles away where we knew nobody to fix his hotel in Arlington Washington The employees were thieves and drug attics and drunks I began working there as a housekeeper because he was short on staff Excelled quickly and worked so hard The manager Marilyn Kirkpatrick started grooming me to be her head housekeeper and my husband to take her place as manager she wanted to retire So we work extra hard and improved as much as we could in the hotel with little supplies being he owed HD supply 5 grand and our pancake machine needed a belt and he owed them money so we couldn't even get that We asked for 2 days off for our wedding and had to come back to work early we were Constantly threatened With being fired and kicked out if we said no We caught the employees Stealing products from the hotel in manage to get them fired finally And manage to help Arlington police department bust over 12 g of meth And instead of being rewarded the owner asked if I kept any of it and next time to keep it he wanted it that's when we realized he was a drug addict My husband and I would constantly be yelled at during his come Downs and temper tantrums Then his manager retired with no warning Told us to run it like she taught us and we never really heard from her after that The owner started coming more frequently after that every time with an attitude yelling and threatening that if we failed inspection we were fired Asked for things to pass That Choice requires he refused to buy them We manage to hire amazing woman for the front desk he said she was ugly and fat and a amazing housekeeper as well Whom he instantly wanted to fire because she was 59 years old though she is always done early and never complained he said she was too old and ugly On November 20th 2017 we had a meeting to establish my husband and I as the people in charge to the new hires All of a sudden the owner said I was to know longer make the list for housekeeping because I was unfair and lazy I made a look of shock and ask what I did wrong and how I was unfair in tears He then got Furious Began shaking and told me I was fired and had 2 days to leave the hotel I lived in almost a year that my husband had one hour to choose between his job and place to live or his wife. He tried to reason with him And let him explain that I didn't make a dirty look I was just shocked I'm still crying and was told to leave I went upstairs Started packing to leave my husband and puppies behind. My husband told me he would never choose his job over and his wife He had to stick it out till Thursday Thanksgiving when he finally got his check When he told the owner that it was not fair for me to leave and that he would leave with me he told him he was fired And gave us 2 hours to vacate the hotel Knowing we had nowhere else to go When he told him he could evict us he reminded us our room was off camera and there was no proof if anything was to happen to us So we packed our dogs quickly and left We are almost out of money for food and places to sleep We have attorneys that want our case Including the investigators of a news channel But that will not pay off for some time and we have no money to start a new life please help us. Thank you and God Bless the Grimm family This is the email that I have sent to about a 100 churches today If anybody can think of anywhere else that we may be able to get help from so that we dont get stuck sleeping in our car again in this time of year please let us know Even with us having 3 jobs between us waiting for a first check is killing us extra sized items with sleeves to wear for the wedding