gold selections for cocktail party

Wednesday morning's a nice and very early Wednesday morning. I woke up about six in the morning and the dog was still asleep. The dog I think keeps wanting to wake up when the sun is up and not before that. I think she gets tired too with the heat coming on and going off with the weather. It's not that cold in the house but the weather keeps changing and I had gotten enough sleep already so I woke up early and am ready to start the day. The dog and I went outside and it's still dark outside. I woke up I think because my hands are so chapped they hurt when I was sleeping that I woke up so early and I have to keep using lots of lotion on them all day. Right before I got on here I said I have to go inside and go look for that calligraphy paper that I have to scan it. I have maybe five or six small and flat storage boxes for large size paper things and I had to find the right one that had that in. Plus I had another few things in there I might scan that I didn't. Then I had out my oversized valentines that I wanted to scan a few things for centerpieces. They used to make these huge valentines in the twenties that were all blue and white in the background then had these intricate fronts and at the time when I was scanning I didn't think I'd use these. Now I need a few scanned. Then I have to go into the albums I have in the closet where I work and find my two Spencerian calling cards to scan them as I didn't before. I have my clipart books out and ready withi their calligraphy and embroidery patterns to make something like that person did with their calligraphy page. Then I have to check some of my antique books in the living room for their embroidery patterns. I didn't scan all of them as I went along either. I have ladies magazines from the book research that I got for the hand colored fashion plates and they also had embroidery patterns in them which can be used for embellishments and the alphabet patterns are used for clipart and alphabets. I had seen last night someone that was using Victorian clipart to make funny things for arts and crafts was also using them as monograms and their logo in a monogram form almost exactly from those books I was mentioning. Those books only have a certain amount of things in them from a certain age. My fashion plate books are very old. Some are from the eighteen twenties and some are from the eighteen forties as well as eighteen sixties so I have things that are probably very hard to find. I have a pin board on the pin site where I was saving things. People that sew, do embroidery or like to do dress making research and lace work have also saved them through the years. I've worked with some already where I just had to get the background to be see through and they I can use it as a border. They go well with a lot of the line engravings that are wedding fashion plates of brides as I tried that already. I'm so half asleep...I think I'm getting more hot flashes in the middle of the night and it's waking me up with the heat going on too. Last year at this time I was getting the hot flashes in my sleep much stronger and a lot. They aren't that bad now. I have no idea if the fun thing will be happening in the next few days but I'm feeling different things and the things I feel are either fun time sympoms or menopause ones or both. Then the last thing I have to either scan or see if I scanned already are the Whitney valentines. Those are from the thirties that look like kaleidoscope frames. If you do an image search for Whitney valentine with and without the word thirties I think you can see them. They are all very cute and they are double sided so you get two cool things for many of them. So I want to see how much of this I can get done today before I work tonight. I also have to go back to the papers to copy and paste but I figure if I have to scan two things I might as well scan everything else to scan that I didn't already. I also have a Centennial newspaper with engravings that I thought I went through and picked already what to scan. I saw that I had a supplimental newspaper to it. They had all Colonial era engravings that were artistic and I'll see if I need more of those scanned. I am sleepy already! LOL! I hope you are going to have a totally awesome and wonderful day today! I hope you are having an awesome breakfast and beautiful weather and that the sun is shining and it's going to be a lovely and sweet day for my darling sweetie! I love you so much!! I saw you posted two pictures just for me on the awesome joke site! I see you are decorating with your Christmas lights again! How awesome!! Then I see a very funny puppy picture posted just for me!! LOL I love that one! I woke up to more doggie shenanigans. I am so sleepy and it's probably from whatever time of the month it is now. I want to get all the scanning done as fast as I can. I am here if you need me. I love you more than words can say!! I am going to go look for the rest of the things I have to scan now. I just wish I could get my knuckles to not be so cracked and split. I'm here while I'm working on all of this...I love you more than words can say my darling sweetie...I am going to go look for the things in the old books and in the albums. Then I'll be back on here and scanning all day until I finish scanning even if it's an all day project. I love you so incredibly much! Have a lovely morning, an awesome breakfast, a lovely drive and I hope that you are smiling that incredibly gorgeous and handsome smile of yours! I am so sleepy! Love you my handsome Viking prince! You will love the eagle calligraphy...I just looked at it and it's nice and when I scan it it can be made larger. It can also be mixed and matched with other things like that. One calligraphy book I have that's a clipart one is from the seventeen hundreds and can go nice with things like your beautiful artwork. I also have a very small amount of printers ornaments from the seventeen hundreds as I got a few older books for fashion research and I scanned them already and they look nice and can add a nice touch to things. Some of these places use one little clipart as the picture and that's it and I have things that are old an unusual. I'm here and I'll be working on these things all day. I'll see what's new often in case you need me. I love you my handsome darling and adorable sweetie!!! You are my one true love and my one true happiness!! You are the only guy I ever want to be with now and always! Sending a billion million kisses to you to tell you how incredibly much I love you. Then times that by infinity and it isn't even close! I love you more than words can say! Love you my sweet handsome Viking prince! Hope the morning is starting out to be a totally awesome one! I'm here as I am working on these projects and am here if you need me. Love you so incredibly much! Love you big time! gold selections for cocktail party