informal style garment for mother of the bride

A coworker and fellow union member has asked for prayers for his daughter. The power of prayer is great. The following was posted to our local union's website. Permission was given to share as his daughter and boyfriend's family are in need of prayers.

Nov 24
Brothers and sisters I ask that all that will please pray for my youngest daughter Rachel Mathes . She was in a very bad car wreck yesterday and was airlifted to Baptist hospital in Winston Salem where she is still in intensive care . Also please prey for the family of her boyfriend that they can have peace and comfort as he did not survive . My baby is only 19 and the young man was only 20. Thank You

Nov 26
Brothers and sisters I want to thank everyone for the prayers and ask that they keep coming. My daughter is still in ICU being cared for. Her list of injuries are to numerous to list so I won't even try . Please just pray for Her and her doctors. Also keep her boyfriends family in your prayers . Thank you

Dec 1
Brothers and sisters , Thanks again for all the prayers for my daughter. The neurosurgeon who done her neck operation informed my wife and I that they don't do a lot of surgeries of this level because most victims do not make it to the hospital .I informed him a lot of people was praying for my girl and prayers work. As a update my girl had surgery on her neck lasting 8-9 hours and her neck was fused together which means she will lose all neck motion forever. We are combating high fever and a positive test for pneumonia. Do to swelling of the airwaves she hasn't been able to be removed from the ventilator but we are shooting for tomorrow or next day. My girl has progressed and can now wiggle and move her left arm and leg.She gives us thumbs up and other hand signs indicating yes or no. Today she indicated she wanted to write so with paper and a sharpie she asked ,Can we go? How long? Pepsi? We are counting every gain no matter how small as a huge victory . I ask that everyone please keep her in your prayers. informal style garment for mother of the bride