long burgundy prom dresses

"My Mother is a Delta" is a very old night shirt. I've probably had it since I was 13 years old. When I went off to college, this was the one piece of clothing that she would not let me bring up to the Hill.

I still wear it today (It’s a regular size t-shirt now ? ) when I go to sleep from time to time to remind me when, why, and who helped me truly understand # AOML ..... Because of my mom. ❤️ ? ??

She was the 1st person I saw adorn the beautiful Greek letters ΔΣΘ. I saw as she and her chapter Sorors worked tirelessly in the communities especially in Pine Bluff, AR and the undergrad chapter Delta Eta at UAPB.

I remember one day getting scared to death as I opened up the garage one night trying to sneak back in ? . There stood a larger that life golden statue of Fortitude in her stance ready to take on the world. (Delta Eta had been working on the secret surprise for their homecoming float one late night in our garage)

People ask me why did I choose to pledge Delta. I always tell them it never was a second thought. My momma rarely dress Deborah and I in pink.... She told us pink is for girlie girls. Red is for girls who are destined to change the world. My mom made us always care for others and to put more than your best foot forward out the door everyday. Also bring your heart, and your checkbook because Delta definitely ain't cheap. long burgundy prom dresses

Thank you Soror Frances Barcroft Dalton for laying the foundation of # ToBeADeltaGirl This year my mommy will celebrate 60 years of service to our beloved ΔΣΘ. How cool is that!!! Just about as cool as it is to say my Mommy is my Soror and Best Friend. Happy Founder's Day. ? ? ? ??

You are the reason I have # My1stLove

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