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(6:92) (Like that Book) this too is a Book which We have revealed; full of blessing, confirming what was revealed before it so that you might warn the people of the Mother of Cities and those around it. Those who believe in the Hereafter believe in it, and are evermindful of their Prayers.

A large population of Jewish community used to live in Medina at the advent of Islam. So Allah (swt) is telling them that, like Torah, Quran is also a revelation. And it establishes the following four things:

First, that this Book is overflowing with God's grace and beneficence. In other words, it contains the best possible principles for the well-being and salvation of mankind. It lays down the true doctrines of belief.

Second, this Book does not propound any guidance which is essentially divergent from that previously revealed; but it confirms and supports it.

Third, the purpose of the revelation of this Book is the same as that of the revelation of Scriptures in the past, viz., to shake people out of their heedlessness and warn them of the evil consequences of their corruption.

Fourth, that the call of this Book did not attract those who merely worshipped worldly advantages and were slaves of their animal desires. On the contrary, it attracted those whose vision goes beyond the narrow limits of worldly life. Moreover, the revolution wrought in the lives of people under the influence of this Book has rendered them conspicuously distinct from others in respect of piety and godliness. long v neck prom dress