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Especially during the Holiday Season with the cold and darkness of the Winter months, there exists a lot of suffering and loneliness. Please know that our door is always open. Our house is a safe zone. Coffee can be on in minutes, and the kitchen table is a place of love, peace and non-judgment. Anyone who needs to chat is welcome anytime. We can pray, talk, share a giggle or two, or I can just listen. It's no good suffering in silence,but I will sit with you in silence as well. I have food or we can always order out, eat and cry or laugh. I will always do my best to be available, you are always welcome!! This is an old value that has been lost to technology (a text, facetime, gif or emoji is not the equivalent). Could at least one friend please copy and re-post (not share) if you feel the same. You never know, there may be someone out there that needed to see this. I copied this from a friend maternity wears for wedding at affordable price