mismatched convertible wears for bridesmaids

Kara Corriedales testimonial Introducing my juice plus baby! Born on 11/25 and weighing a whopping 9lbs 9.5oz!! (Natural birth!) During my pregnancy I took the juice plus trio as my prenatal vitamins and drank the shakes daily during the last month (periodically before that due to morning sickness issues). During my pregnancy and delivery these were the things my doctors commented on: how well his lungs were developing (was practice breathing in ultrasounds at 20 weeks), how great and strong his heart and aorta were, how ample my amniotic fluid was (think the exorcist pea scene-there was a ton! Lol), how great his skin looked, how strong his umbilical cord was, the healthiness of my placenta, and his overall healthy appearance at birth! My first pregnancy was a good one as well but I received so many more comments on this one compared to the last. I started at 114 lbs and gained 42lbs roughly but had virtually no swelling or leg cramping like I did with my first one without juice plus. I am so beyond happy that I found this product! I was able to eat a little healthier this time around and even when I wasn't because of morning sickness (I ate what I could get down) I still was confident I was getting great nutrition to my baby. I wish I would have had this with my first pregnancy. Feel free to share...I sure will be! mismatched convertible wears for bridesmaids