modest wedding wears for lds and mormon

Angel Wings Baby and Child Loss
Our Angel Wings Mum Nickie Torvill sadly with her family laid their beautiful baby girl Lulah to rest this week.
Sadly Mummy had Slapped Cheek also known as Fifth Disease a virus called Parvovirus B19.
Blotchy red rash on face, headache, mild fever, sore throat. If have as a child very rare to get again.
Very high risk of Baby Loss under 20 weeks of pregnancy so please please if you believe you have Slapped Cheek seek advice straight away.
This video is now extended we ask you to please watch and help Nickie to raise awareness of Slapped Cheek and Baby Loss. This video is extremely honest in the heartache felt. Baby Loss affects all family members. No matter what gestation a baby whether 4 wks or 40wks it's a loss and a heartache that stays with you forever. modest wedding wears for lds and mormon
Again much love to Nickie and Dad xx