off the shoulder dress formal

Living with Anxiety sucks.Ive had 5 er trips in the last 2 weeks.I know alot is stress but I can be sitting and it come out of Nowhere.I Need prayers that This Anxiety will stop However Its sad that Garden park Treated me the way they did when i have insurance.It took going to Memorial last night to get Relief beings cant get in a dr nowhere right now..They Automatically tried getting my blood pressure down and my heart rate down. HEART rate was 120.They did every blood work and tests to make sure that it wasnt anything causing My heart rate and blood pressure to spike.Its an awful feeling.Very unexplainable whats been going on....I will be on the phone tomorrow trying to find me another family physician.I Dont wanna feel this way anymore.PLEASE PRAYER WARRIORS PRAY FOR ME AND .MY FAMILY AND KIDS FOR DEALING WITH ME AND NICK FOR RUNNING ME TO THE HOSPITAL INTHE WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING AND HAVING TO COME HOME GO STRAIGHT TO WORK. JESUS TAKE THIS ANXIETY AWAY.I AM GRATEFUL THAT THEY UNDERSTAND THAT I CANT HELP IT AND IT JUMPS FROM NO WHERE. off the shoulder dress formal