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"Principles of Healthful Living"

Do you have time to live?
You might be surprised to realize how many Americans depend on sugar, caffeine, and nicotine to jump start their day because they have "no time" to set down and eat a healthy breakfast. Anymore, it seems Americans have no time to do anything that makes sense and is practical. Liveing life to the full does take time. It takes time to study what is required for good health, And takes time to prepare healthy foods. I ask you women why don't you feed your children steel- cut oats and natural brown rice. Why? You may say that takes too much time! So you uses the quick-cooking minute-oats or minute rice the kind that has been robbed of all the real food value and reduced to a starch. You must take time to give your Children good health. If you hurry you build up in their bodies anemia and diseases that will kill them before their time. Murder is merely ending a life before its time. Many of you are doing that on the installment plan doing it not only to yourselves, but also to your children! We owe it to ourselves, our children, and most of all God, to eat to live to eat junk,foods which, if left out, will spoil. (Eat them before they spoil). Learn to appreciate the whole foods for their natural God-given flavor, not man made inventions added to make everything taste really sweet, fatty or spicy. Look forward to a more active productive radiant life in a matter of weeks. You'll find that you will be more awake in the morning; be able to concentrate more through the day, will sleep better; and will get sick for less.We take sickness for granted. We seem to assume sickness is natural and necessary. A cold or fever is merely a sudden violent elimination of toxins and poisons you have injected into your body by wrong diet which has broken God's physical laws! But man refuses to abide by the God-ordained, physical laws of nature. The right education about true health, and healing of all sickness, when it is repented of, will mean perfect, utopian health God does heal. And He heals today. But only after we get educated about true health and then repent, or change, from the wrong way of living to the right. God blesses us for observing the laws of health. Why should we think healthy, vibrant living is impossible? Health is within our reach. Jesus Christ endured on our behalf because of our physical sins. We all repent and make lasting changes in this area of physical health. Let's resolve now, with firmness of mind, to set ourselves on the right course physically; to acquire the habits the lead to active, robust living. old fashion wedding dresses

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.
Min: Joseph