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Day 18 - 12- 2017 - English

I feel badly about what happened.
This book is more interesting than the last one.

The girl showed her mother the picture she drew in school.
Whom should I say is calling?

Look to the left and you’ll see our destination.
This is something on which we must meditate on

A man, whom I have never seen before, was asking about you.
Please mail it to I.

This bridesmaid dress is a very unflattering shade of puce.
Interestingly, no one at the auction seemed interested in bidding on the antique spoon collection.

If South Asian nations has spectrum (a)/to spare after keeping open channels for disaster (b)/ warning, intelligence sharing and other communications, Indian television (c)/ programming could acquire a larger footprint with SAS’ launch. (d)/No error (e)

There could be many gains(a)/ to be had from the communication (b)/satellite’s transponders be made available (c)/ to the neighbourhood.(d)/No error (e)

By sharing some of the (a)/ ground tracking tech and training personnel from the neighbouring (b)/nations who want that service, India would enhance its reputation not only for (c)/ technological capability but also meaningful multilateral cooperation.(d)/No error (e)

More police and a larger (a)/ judiciary can both reduce (b)/ crime as well as speed up the process (c)/of justice for the ordinary citizen.(d)/No error

We take tens of thousand of breaths(a)/ per day; yet, it is quite possible that we may (b)/ spend our whole lifetime without ever(c)/ pondering about whether we can improve the quality of breathing.(d)/No error (e)

The recent rains (a)/have transformed the (b)/ undulating plains (c)/in a quilt of green.(d)/No error (e)

When someone wanted to download (a)/a copy of the file, they (b)/ would have to download it (c)/ from several computers at ones.(d)/No error (e)

In addition to sensitizing law enforcement (a)/ authorities whose attitudes are merely symptomatic of widely-held (b)/ beliefs about women and gender roles, we need to work with children, parents(c)/ and the larger community to ensure marital rape is condemned, not condoned.(d)/No error plus size modest bridesmaid dresses

It is strange that even (a)/after near a decade of serious (b)/investigations, the sensational twin murder (c)/ case has ended with none the wiser.(d)/No error (e)

The number of teachers required,(a)/ at secondary and higher secondary levels,(b)/ are very high, particularly(c) in science and mathematics. (d)/No error (e)