summer wears for mother of the bride or groom

I shoot the dice
Every morning I get up
Cause I make sure when I'm on my grind
I take a step up front
And get mines
Love or lust
Insecurities are not my thing
But now a days It's difficult to trust
I Learned from my past experiences
Going through some difficult things
Like a fucking battery
The negative And the plus
It always became something of a hassle to adjust
But you can't blame me ?
Like God said
Who am I to judge?
I keep my nose in my business
Not what seems to flow around my vibe
Even if it makes me sneeze
Wiped off the moco gunk
And let the flow of fresh air be clean
God knows I'm blessed
God knows I'm the wrong Mothafucka to come at with
the bullshit And fabricated skims
Heads up
West up
Los Angeles demons
Praying for the lords protection
Who's up
And who's against us
Who's what
And who's just cause
Fucking with me
Is like a dumb retard running into a fucking tree
With yall stupid dumbfucks
Are yall that serious
I can't even take yall serious
I pray for yall
I pray for peace
I hope yall don't fall
And get your head bust
When the night comes in
5 'O clock Noone
Sharp over the streets
I feel so fucking alive
I spread my angel wings
And let my body breath
Darkness falls
But my city stands up
And lurk around the south part of LA
Like some goons looking for something to eat
It's a scary world
But is scarier up in these streets
Like an army of minions
Like an almighty king
Everybody in the hood roll deep
Even in our lonely
We still fucking G with it
Came from the mud
Came from the dirt
Humble and loyalty are a must
Even though we are looked on as a much less human species
We know what respect and manners be
Come with the bullshit
And I promise yall we'll make you sit on your ass
For disrespecting so pathetically
Don't get ahead of me
I'm not a rude Mothafucker
But this LA streets made me be
The nigga I am standing on both my feet
I ma let yall finish
But yall can't finish what yall started
So I ma make ends meet
Best believe?
Naww believe in God
But around here
is you against the malicious peeps
the crips and the bloods
They creep searching for blood
The thirst for retaliation
Is real as fuck
Crippinn with the bloods
Blooding with the crips
LA locos and everyone among
Come together and unite
In times of devastation
And defend ours with a strong movement
When get out ?
We'll push you out
Won't get up
We'll stick you up
Won't turn around
We'll flip over your dumbass
From 0 to 100 real quick
From colloquial to expository
From the basic to the elegant formal vocabulary in full thrust
Cause I can be a hood ass nigga
But intellectually I defeat all my adversaries
Who feeling brave
Thinking they can damage my reputation over work ethics
You got me fucked up
I've learned to adapt
I've learned to speak up
With knowledge and clarity
To knock out the greed and the jealous
With a KO punch
The envy can suck these nuts
Cause I crack open shells
Knocking sense and teaching yall the academics of hood mentality summer wears for mother of the bride or groom
And the vital skill sets we intellectually come to be abroad
Anyway like my ABC'S
And 1 2 3's
I'll fold you with my look
The weight on me Vision can kill
Intimidation is my ping
Pewww pewww
Can yall hear a ring ?
Next neither!
But look at my diamond pinky ring
Oh don't be baffled
It's under my skin
Just like the crown in my head
Mothafucka I'm a boss
Hugo Boss
With an unmistakable scent of a real man
No if's
No buts
No such
Are questions that will eat uou You up
Excuses of a sore looser
Statements of a counterfeit
Insinuation of a basic mind
Niggas wanna rush me
But they've been on a tight schedule
Making them fit on my busy time line
Anyway distractions are the cons of a focused mind
Like bitches and drugs
and all that's related to that topic above
If you out there hunting your goals
You can't let your surroundings hold you against the wall
Shit But you can be the Mothafucka who just comes and crush
With a perfect balance and runs
Into a dark path not giving a fuck
Why is that all the bad things make you feel elevated to the top
Why is that the good always speak bad on us
I'm not bad or evil
Any Mothafucka in here
Are just good people with bad habits
Can you blame us ?
Shit do I blame all the opposing contrary
For not keeping up and providing the resources we need
to improve our community
and aspire a better life expectancy?
Life ain't fair
But impel learned to adjust
Nigga with no hair
I just don't care
-beto ahh