toddler prom dresses

Say a prayer for my little man yall. He's got a bad cough and congestion and a terrible runny nose for a few days now. I took him to the Dr yesterday and she said his lungs were clear and told me to get a humidifier and baby vix for him and to keep an eye on him. So of course I did. Also I was giving him children's Tylenol and zarbee's cough medicine and she told me to stop because it's made with honey children under one shouldn't use it because it has a bad bacteria in it..? But the zarbee's box said for babies from 2months up to toddlers and it was created by a pediatrician/father who made it for his own children .. I just don't know. My little man was up all night fussy and puked up the medicine I gave him. Is there anything you momma's would recommend for a baby his size..he's a week shy of 4months and weighs 16pounds toddler prom dresses