two piece cocktail dresses

Some more bits and pieces from my closet clean out, the same coat is in there, but with different pics. Hopefully this is an improvement on the last post, the file size is much smaller, so I can actually edit it this time.

*Postage plus PayPal fee. Bank transfer accepted if it's your preferred method of payment.

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Quite a few of the items are preloved. I've spent way too much time and money at vintage/retro recycled fashion stores and markets. They're good quality though, and mostly as new. The rest are the result of my four year online clothing store addiction I'm trying to kick, so they'll be brand new. It's usually a mix of the two.

Happy to assist with measurements tomorrow.

Killstar Crypt Strappy Vest M. Only selling because I purchased a S. $30 SOLD

Pearl singlet XL. I'd say probably more like L, very stretchy though. Good quality too, I bought 2 so I could wear one without the pearls. Was impossible. They're bolted on somehow, not even joking. So no worries if you're concerned about losing them. $15

School mini skirt. Size unspecified. Super cute, great punk skirt. 84-92cm waist $10

Swimsuit cover up tagged M but I'd say it's an XS/S. Slight stretch, would be best on slight build. Looks way better than in pics, I might take some more tomorrow. $10

Grey Jersey Skater Dress 8 stretchy. Looks good with fishnets and docs. $10

Mod/60s coat 12 $20.

I'd charge more but understand the postage will cost more than usual.

Pink fitted coat 12 $20

Arsiena black fringe cocktail dress L, but I'd say S/M. A whole lotta faults $7

*If anyone's personal aesthetic includes DIY burlesque style, I'll happily put this in your order for free. I used the faulty fringes to wear over my shoulder, and it looks like it's meant to be asymmetrical. I used a dangly gem brooch on the middle of the decolletage and it looks awesome with feather earrings. I'm only parting with it because my 82kg self is becoming a realist and I want it to go to a good home. two piece cocktail dresses

Red felt/faux fur Lolita shrug/bolero wrap. Part of a red coat I bought last year. I love it, but I know I'll never wear it. $25 SOLD

Plaid skirt 14. BNWT 84cm waist $15

Green 50s top XS (crossroads, so M/L). I need to take daytime pics of this, it's somewhere in-between emerald green and turquoise. It's gorgeous. $15

Tree of Life long flowy dress S/M. This cost $80-90 but I have to be ruthless. It's absolutely stunning though. $35