wedding collections in grey or sliver


Somebody is going to cry while the 1 gets high with all the emotions//We love to move on//don't call me bish when you catch me in motion//I don't have a kid cause I never treat sex as a resolution//niggas are looking to get between the legs of women have their beauty behind lotions//I just nee d a church girl that no 1 will tell to practice her religion//the 1 an gon put in the safe place when I go to the mission//even though I happened to be the trust in this new generation//she wouldn't know I was cheating if cameras were not in action


I love her//she doesn't have to count how much I say it She can call me Frank after I crossed oceans just to save it//she will walk to Towns That's where I'll Run to//I love her long time I couldn't keep my eyes on her until I go blind but I still lover her the way I hate cops//when I go visit her I never make stops//Fuck high hills She's already at the top//she look better than a crazy talk they always running//haters can knock us off the top but not off the Marley//I can tell by looking in their eyes it has been hard for them to love me//after they started talking I realize Gossip it has been a hobby//nowadays when they talk I find anything they talk about not funny//I'm not expecting a real woman to go through bishes trying to find me//on the first date I'll sleep on the couch when we file the evening Maybe she will forget about having a kid by enjoying me when I'm kidding I mean a nurse for in case I'm bleeding the wrongs trying to find the meanings wedding collections in grey or sliver