wedding wears at $99

run for your life we marchin one million more

But I remain in the positive scale weights of the galaxy
What you wanna fix fallacy

I I wanna skate

Jay fuzz the clown
Jay fuzz the clown

So if youre drunk on Friday night you know whats what
Youre feeling like bluuugh you know whats what
everybody that I wanted to party with anyway
Dont care if its a hundred and ninety degrees centigrade

Chyna Whyte leaves niggas in a slump serial
Deadly like disease venereal
Game as be RD imperial

Rhymefest I got that trouble touch
You get the beat I hop in it like double dutch
Yeah Mike you famous the crowd is learnin me
Im big in the hood but you big in Germany

Boat names with cocaine dreams screaming I own the game
Im so stained Novacaine doesnt slow the pain
Trouble This youre gonna find
Muscle If you wanna grind

They created a lust for all thats material
Killers are serial
They control this land
Dont wanna pay restitution but hey they stole this land

Robbin your grandma for her mortgage loan
Im tryin to figure out how to strangle you with a cordless phone
You need to be unplugged and whipped with a cord
Ripped and in torn Im always flippin this song

Im a menace to society police is eyeing me
These niggaz aint trying me I make moves silently
Rose from the poverty but I aint hit the lottery
Them OGs made me mold me like pottery

If youre thuggin and you know it clap your hands
But if youre ballin and you know it stomp your feet

All the ladies in the place clap your hands
All the fellas in the house clap your hands

I dont really care what squad you wit
Cause a real nigga dont need sponsorship
Even though moms raised me right
I swear to God rap shit saved my life

Change the game a little rearrange the rules
Your whole frame is brittle man you came to lose
I had to stop for breath
cause our shits like Joan of Arc man its hot to death

To feed my family
But its testing my sanity
Cant waste my energy
Locked inside the penitentiary

Once before I left in this personal surface to clarity
Either theyre scared of me or laughing hysterically
Im just a parody of something that apparently

Hmm okay we outta here ooookaykaykay
I think its safe to say we outta here we outta here we outta here
We outta here yeah yeah yeah I think its safe to say we outta here

Wonder how this fucker whispers thunder sounds
Your fly like crippled Ostrichs I scare heads underground
Now its proud to be the loudest so what you damage mics
Battle cats claim to be deep just cause they seen Titanic twice

This cant be I close my eyes it looks so clear to me
Apparently nothin is the way it appears to be
Now we on a quest to unlock the mystery
We mount up and the rest is history

Made me feel kinda strange I cant even cry
Maybe cuz Im used to hearing my peoples die
When I just saw you riding by
When I just said those nights was fly

But now Im on point like a javelin way beyond battlin
Out of state travelin haters stop babblin
Remember this Californias my residence
All my Peoples Dilated just ask Evidence

Coast to coast block to block city to city and rock for rock
Pyrex in a pot got the hood on lock got the streets on blaze no sleep for days
The world in a daze and the fiends amazed first one in line when the fiends get paid wedding wears at $99

Im the illest fool
Cooler than the water in a swimming pool
More jams than a Beatle from Liverpool
I deliver fool

And Im pretty confident that with these pronouns and consonants
Ill rapture the heavens and all the seven global continents
Because you bound to get your whole set thrown Hoes get stoned
Ill repossess your shit and then your clothes get loaned

WHO DAT Witcho fine behind
I was so sprung you aint home but Im drivin by always inside my mind
I miss you I miss you too
You missed me I missed you fool

After you smoked did you fiend for another one
When I resign there could never be another Sun
And youre the lillypath you must be silly mad
Im so rough that when Im good Im really bad

My wife is proud to follow me Im happy as I wanna be
You thought you caught up with me but now Im where you wanna be
Blastin my music sippin bourbon and Hennessy
Well swervin the SUV while Im turnin on Refugee

And I love drinkin Hey
I love women Hey

Im not a honor roll student is what you tellin me
Dare you to try to leave your country with a felony
Its like a symphony man when you witness me
That Holy Water Bay game kinda sprinkle me

thinkin like hangin with criminals
Im on a RamPage and plus Im lyrical miracles
Get it straight I paralize ya mind state with hate
Intense pain ya brain get maintained to wait superparalysis

All over the world god its kids that KNOW
You remember in South click we did that SHOW
Only had one mic but ripped that THOUGH

Lil Layzie Bone in the motherfuckin house
Krayzie Bone in the motherfuckin house
Wish Bone in the motherfuckin house